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Se afişează postările cu eticheta Children. Afişaţi toate postările

marți, 17 iunie 2014

...believe in magic...

Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it. 
                                                                                                         Roald Dahl

luni, 16 iunie 2014 for rain...

duminică, 1 iunie 2014

Happy 1st day of June

joi, 20 martie 2014

Wow! ...a very special day today! Five years old!


Happy Birthday!

marți, 18 februarie 2014

Everyday is a springtime if You just smile!

 Don't forget to smile everyday!

vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

Whoa! Now I know! I am two years old!

... today!
Happy Birthday!

miercuri, 20 martie 2013

Four years old! The Amazing SpiderMan...


The Amazing SpiderMan is here!

Wow!!! ...but I know you from somewhere!?!


Aahh... I want to appear also my friends...

SpiderMan and some of his friends!

miercuri, 2 ianuarie 2013

...a stage of Life: the chemistry of microphone!

joi, 27 decembrie 2012

Santa Claus was here...

joi, 6 decembrie 2012

Saint Nicholas was here!

vineri, 5 octombrie 2012

World Smile Day !

joi, 4 octombrie 2012

... what is a good year...!

... one year ago ...

... today !
Happy Birthday!

luni, 6 august 2012

My first photos of an Air Show: BIAS 2012 - III -

... a young fan - TURKISH STARS ( Türk Yıldızları )... 

marți, 6 decembrie 2011

Santa Nicholas came to town...

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